Two Minutes to a Better World

If you could ensure a healthy environment for future generations in just two minutes, would you help?  Thursday was the final day of one such effort, and of course my natural instinct is of course I will take two minutes.  FIRST MINUTE: Grabbing my feverish, sick child off the couch, toting her to her favorite tree, and asking her politely to hug said tree.  As usual she did it with a smile; she never turns down an adventure.  (Just like her momma.)  A couple pictures later and we had Twitter gold.  SECOND MINUTE: After getting munchkin back in the house, I logged onto Twitter and tweeted this:img_4521

“Although she’s feeling bad today she still made time to #hug2give #onetree @eddiebauer @americanforests”

What did I accomplish in these two minutes? Well, if nothing else, a couple happy grandparents got a cute photo of their granddaughter being an awesome tree-hugging hippie. But hopefully, Phoenix was able to get some moolah donated to American Forests, to help plant new trees.  We read about this initiative on Upworthy and it doesn’t hurt that Ryan Reynolds face is put to good use as a platform for environmentalism.  And I’m cool with either his normal face, or his Deadpool face, both represent an awesome individual working for good in the real world!

Then I thought about all the causes that don’t have a celebrity face or viral movement to propel them out into the world.  If Upworthy had not covered the #hug2give #onetree initiative, I never would have known it existed.  I believe it is important to contribute to causes we love in a positive way, no matter what you believe in.  As long as we keep it positive and don’t put down another cause or another person, our contributions must be worth something to someone, somewhere, and at some point in time.   

Witnessing it firsthand in a public school, I am a firm believer in the real difference a simple gesture can make in the lifelong aspirations and outlooks of people. Believe it or not, one smile, one sentence or word of encouragement can completely change someone’s self worth and LIFE.  So why not apply this motto to causes as well and give two minutes of your day to something that pulls at your heart strings? Whether we helped or not, we took two minutes out of our busy day to try.  That’s all that’s truly important in this world; that we try new things, we try to understand, and we always try our best.

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