Blazing Trails with Bill (Nye, that is)

As he stepped onto the stage, half of us secretly hoped he would yell out “Lava!” and we would magically be plucked back in time to our living rooms of the 90s learning about science. That day at UT: Austin he could have talked about watching paint dry and we would have been mesmerized. In recent years, Bill Nye has used his fame to influence generations to start planning for the future and start living a more sustainable lifestyle.  Admittedly, it didn’t take much to get the attention of Millennials, whom he’s had captivated since childhood. He’s shining a spotlight on LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) and promoting practical solutions for our every day needs.

Whether you care about recycling, good health, low footprint, our children’s future, or not, LOHAS is not something to be overlooked completely.  The emotional health and general life quality that the LOHAS life provides can be beneficial even to the most wasteful people.  As you take a moment to change one aspect of your life, other aspects will naturally follow, and before you know it you will be living off your land in a tiny house built by Yours Truly.  Well, okay, maybe you won’t take it that far.

So what can you do?  You would be surprised at all the options you have to incorporate LOHAS into your life.  In fact, all my hobbies and passions in life fall into the LOHAS mindset. 

-Exercising by practicing yoga, weight lifting, etc.

-Eating whole, unprocessed foods.

-Using pure therapeutic grade essential oils for mental and physical health while avoiding conventional medicine as much as possible.

-Making homemade health, cleaning, and beauty products using natural ingredients.

-Growing a vegetable garden and other plants.

-Meditating to clear my mind and live in the present moment.

-Being in nature, outdoors for any reason possible.

-Recycling and reusing items to reduce trash and have unique creations.

-Minimalism in belongings as to not clutter my physical or mental space.

-Plans to be living off the grid with a fully sustainable lifestyle.

-Plans to build a tiny house and live more of my life as part of nature.

So whether you believe Bill Nye is a “real scientist” or not, he has inspired many a millennial to follow a career in science or at least want to learn more science. And although many disagree with his strong outlook on climate change, you have to consider how his beliefs shape his lifestyle.  Just look at his “turf war” with Ed Begley Jr. I mean who doesn’t love an ongoing competition for the greenest house on the block.

The point is that the smallest change in your physical or mental space can make a difference not only in your life, but for the future of the people surrounding us.  Our environment isn’t whole without people, and people can’t survive without a whole environment.

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