Reveal Your Latent Happiness

What makes you happy?  Is it something as simple as a morning cup of coffee or are weeklong vacations where you find a state of bliss?  What if I told you that happiness can follow you every day of your life?  It’s true and totally attainable if you just open your mind.

Science has shown that showing gratitude in our lives makes us happier.  I’m talking about genuine happiness, the kind that has you smiling everywhere you go.  So how can you start becoming aware of gratitude?

One of the ways you can find your gratitude is with good ole pen and paper.  Start by sitting down each day for five minutes and writing down five things you are thankful for.  It can be for something as simple as a smile from a friend.  By writing pen to paper you’ll remember each item daily and continue to find more reasons to be grateful. To help you recall your reasons you can post your notes in a place that is visible daily, like a bathroom mirror.  Just thinking of those five things as you fall asleep at night will help reinforce your gratitude.

Meditation is another way of taking a few minutes to concentrate on gratitude or to just clear your head daily.  Meditation is an open book for you to do what you will.  There are no rules and it’s not half as intimidating as it sounds.  You can include religious or spiritual undertones, repeat a mantra, follow vocals, or simply keep silent.

Another way to help you relax and get in the mood for meditation is to diffuse Young Living Essential Oils.  There are many oils that are recommended to help guide your senses into a meditative state.  Here is the short list: Ravintsara, Sacred Frankincense, Hong Kuai, Galbanum, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, and Inspiration.  One of my current goals is to own every Young Living Essential Oil related to meditation so I still have a little way to go.  Currently, I practice meditation using Ravintsara and Hong Kuai, both of which have very unique scents that you probably have never experienced before.  In fact it’s hard to relate the two smells to any other olfactory sensation I have had in my life.  The mystery of these scents tend to lead me into a world of exploration, where anything can happen during meditation.

With the right environment surrounding you physically, filling your senses, you need only explore how you want to practice meditation next.  One of the best free meditation apps I use regularly is called Omvana.  There are many free guided meditations ranging in length that are great for beginners and beyond.  The 6 phase meditation is a great 20-minute vocal that can help clear your mind and let you focus on what really matters in your life.  Meditation is about opening your soul to the world and showing love and compassion.  It’s about realizing we are all connected, all made from the same energy.

As you start reflecting on your daily life, layers will begin to peel revealing a happier new you.  With only one life to live, let’s start showing more gratitude and drift off to our “happy place”.

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