The Secret Ingredient To A Healthy Life

Our bodies are temples and although we may sneak the occasional sugary confection, desecration is out of the question.  Fitness and nutrition are important parts of our daily lives that affect everything from our physical health to our feelings.  Whether you have a sedentary lifestyle or never stop going you can practice good habits that will prevent injury and exhaustion.

The secret ingredient to a healthy life is variety.  Variety in the foods you eat, variety in your exercise, and variety in the every day.  How many times a day do you wish you could break away from routine?  Routines give us structure to manage each day better and make them more efficient, but variety makes us feel alive.

We escape the daily grind easiest by eating, usually convenient or junk food.  A mocha latte here and a quick lunch there.  We can easily save money and our health by making better choices and finding the variety in other aspects of our daily practice.  Take a different route back to work from lunch, get out of the office and explore a little each day, or listen to music while sipping warm tea.  Take some time to truly immerse yourself in a moment and concentrate on using your senses.  If you can distract yourself with other simple enjoyments the comfort food will not be your escape.  Other ways to jumpstart your trek to more variety is a guided exercise program or a nutrition challenge.

When I took my first Team Beachbody Challenge I lost 30 pounds and discovered a new part of myself that I did not know existed. I chose P90X to strengthen all my weak spots and the program gave me the power to do things I only dreamed of before.  When I started the 90-day program I could do 2 push-ups, and by baby stepping my way through the program I finished able to perform 20 push-ups with correct form.  Things you never thought possible are just new goals waiting to be achieved!  I transformed from a girl who could not stand the small pain of pulling off a band aid to a woman who gave birth to a sweet baby girl all naturally.

People ask us all the time why we chose to birth with a midwife and not at a hospital, why we make all our own cleaning and beauty products, and why on Earth we chose not to eat meat.  My husband and I went vegan for the Ultimate Reset and it changed our lifestyle completely and led us down a path to all these decisions.  For 21 days we followed a strict vegan diet that refreshed our bodies and made our minds sharper.  We never felt better in our lives ever, and we continue to eat vegan with the occasional meat or dairy product.  On a side note my husband works at a high-end steakhouse, loves meat, and had no problem following the reset because he felt amazing.  With a renewed understanding of cooking fantastic meals with vegetables, variation and nutrition became much simpler.

Now more than ever our health is at the forefront of our lives.  Our daughter completes us and we need to continue with our good habits to keep up with her, but more importantly to set a good example.  Getting stuck in the same old pattern is not an option, so keep shaking things up with some variety.

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