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Every time you set foot in the grocery store the organic section stares at you.  People are constantly pushing “healthy” food on you with words like all natural, gluten free, no fat, and so on.  But how often do you worry about the contents of your beauty products?  Go ahead, walk to your bathroom now, pick up the shampoo bottle, and take a look at those ingredients.  Don’t worry I’ll wait for you.  So, do you recognize anything?  Unless you are shelling out some serious dough every month for truly all natural shampoo the answer is probably no.

If you think pesticides on your food is a big deal then you may want to listen up.  Skincare products go directly on the biggest organ of your body every single day.  Not just one product, but many, like your makeup, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, facial moisturizer, I could go on forever.  One of the biggest, baddest culprits is deodorant which is the hardest to give up for those of us in hot and humid climates.  No I am not asking you to turn total crunchy hippie, I am simply asking you to try something different until you find the thing that works for you.  Would you rather be a little stinky by the end of the day or possibly develop breast cancer from the aluminum content in deodorants, especially antiperspirants?  Whether the threat is real or not, wouldn’t you want to know and recognize all the ingredients you use daily?

Without reiterating the research conducted by scientists and cited by bloggers all over the internet I will send you over to this video which can get you started on a journey toward understanding more about toxins.  Believe me, watching this video is worth every minute, especially if you are pregnant.  In addition, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) has a product database that rates the health of your skincare products.  The EWG analyzes each ingredient in your product and gives you a rating from 0 to 10, with zero being the best for you and ten being a serious threat to your health when used regularly.  They even have an app with a barcode scanner for perusing at the store.

Replacing these toxic products in your beauty regimen will not be easy, but it is important to take small steps to achieve a healthier tomorrow.  Instead of spending more each month I actually spend less money by making all my own products.  Most recipes are easy and can be thrown together in five to ten minutes and as a bonus you get to personalize to your taste.  Personalization is the key to making diy all natural products work for you on a daily basis.  You may have to try different recipes or just tweak to your preferences, but you will find something you like.  My husband used to love a certain brand of tea tree oil shampoo so I set out to make an all natural version and he loves it so much he uses it as a full body wash.  Young Living essential oils help greatly for customization purposes not only for scent but for their health benefits.  For example, in shampoo cedarwood oil is a great choice for a manly scent that may stimulate hair growth, while tea tree oil is great for those of us plagued by dandruff.

I use only Young Living essential oils in my products for my well being.  A high quality essential oil line became necessary for me the moment I learned I was pregnant.  I honestly thought all essential oil brands were equal, but this simply is not true.  With a couple drops of these highly potent oils, I can create an eight ounce bottle of shampoo.  My skin is very sensitive and I knew my baby’s skin would be as well, and we have no issues with Young Living.  Making all Phoenix’s products was a no brainer for me and of course not all of our homemade recipes use essential oils.

If you need suggestions on recipes stay tuned to my blog for my personal favorites.  For customized recipes based on your ailments and needs, hands-on tutorials, and other services contact me at andiescha at gmail.  Going all natural doesn’t make you super crunchy, it makes you aware and caring.  There is no greater satisfaction for me personally than to know exactly what I put on my baby girl every day.  Your health is in your hands, so grab tightly and don’t let go until you’ve remade yourself.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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