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Convenience and shopping consumes American life present day.  We have gotten so caught up in thinking we need certain products to survive and to make life easier that we haven’t realized just how much our lives have changed.  Yes, in the back of our minds we know that sometimes we lose sight of what really matters, but do we really look at our everyday thought process thoroughly?  How many times a day do you wish you had a product that would keep up with your fast paced life?  How often do you feel you need to go to the store for something?  Think of how much easier it is to just buy something than to take a little more time to make it yourself?

We reinforce this routine everyday without recognizing we are catering to the fast paced life that rules our lives.  More convenient products just allow us to keep up the pace, a pace that most of us wish we could slow down.  The American Dream has mutated beyond the classic passionate hard worker turned success, to the masses working themselves into the ground.  We hardly ever “stop to smell the roses” and when we do we wish that feeling could last forever.  To find that feeling more often we must have an active role in the change we want to see in our world.

So where do we start?  First, realize that other parts of the world take their time in everyday life and enjoy little moments.  These people are not lazy, their culture is not lazy, if anything they have found the true meaning of life.  So stop living for your next vacation and find genuine enjoyment in your day-to-day life.  If nothing in your normal routine makes you genuinely happy, then it is time for some change.  Learn something new, something you have always wished you could do and believe you can learn anything.  Take away some of those conveniences and see how you fare.  Practice patience and instead of reaching for your phone while you’re waiting, try to observe and delight in your environment.

I would be honored to help you take the first step toward a better tomorrow.

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